Spring/Summer 2021 Issue

Volume XV, Issue II

Letter from the EICs

These coming months signify a rapid reopening of society as we awaken from a year-long pandemic. Restaurants are now at full capacity, people no longer wear masks in grocery stores, and as of June 2, 41.4% of Americans are fully vaccinated. Along with this great awakening, Window Seat has rumbled from the depths of Zoom to pull together our annual Spring/Summer Issue (which *gasp* is what we bet you’re reading right now). 

Thank you to all the wonderful, talented people who submitted their pieces and our club members who have stuck with us throughout all the laggy Zoom meetings, technical difficulties, and the lack of in-person interaction. Spring/Summer 2021 is our first issue together as the incoming 2021-2022 Editor-in-Chiefs, and your support means a lot to us as we navigate our new editing stages and spreadsheets. We had a joy going through the submissions, and we hope you—the reader—will too. Further, we would like to thank our hardworking and dedicated officers who worked tirelessly reading submissions, leaving feedback, laying out the magazine, and promoting our final product! We’re especially grateful to our one senior (who we’re so proud of), our current Editor-in-Chief, Elizabeth Li, and our luminescent advisor Ms. Byun. In addition, we thank Mrs. Alterisio for her help in managing finances, and Mr. Csorba for his help in organizing clubs.

In this moment of uncertainty and transition, art and creative writing continues to ground us, highlighting a shared sense of humanity. We hope to share with you a little bit of creativity’s magic, and are excited for you to witness the breathtaking talent of our community. Thus, fly off and explore Volume XV, Issue II otherwise known as Spring/Summer 2021. 

Congrats to the Seniors for graduating, and congrats to us for soon finishing this difficult year. 

Have a good summer,

Jessica and Sophie 

Senior Send-Off

To our Editor-in-Chief, Elizabeth Li:

You made it! We’re so proud of you for graduating, yet also terribly sad 😦 that you’re leaving us. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into organizing Window Seat and your leadership that led us here. With your four years here at the magazine, we will miss you enormously. We’re so grateful for your commitment, advice, confidence, and creativity. From layout to general meetings, we love and admire the contributions you make. We hope your passion for creative writing and art will continue to be a part of you in the future. There is no doubt that you’ll do amazing things in college! 

Elizabeth plans to study psychology next year at Dartmouth College.

The student body has voted!

Congrats to the contest winners for our Spring/Summer issue! Each winner has received a $15 gift card to the Silver Unicorn bookstore.

Thank you to our officers!

20-21 Officers

Editor-in-Chiefs: Elizabeth Li (’21) and Jessica Zhang (’22)

Creative & Artistic Directors: Priya Rao (’22) and Sophie Zhang (’22)

Business & Finance Directors: Nicole Bell (’22) and Julia Kuang (’22)

Marketing & Community Directors: Emily Cai (’22) & Grace Chen (’22)

Submissions & Content Editors: Harini Ganapathy (’22) and Elly Zheng (’22)

21-22 Officers

Editor-in-Chiefs: Jessica Zhang (’22) and Sophie Zhang (’22)

Creative Directors: Aidan Jones (’22) and Michaela Olson (’23)

Marketing & Finance Directors: Nicole Bell (’22) and Emily Cai (’22)

Submissions & Content Editors: Alicia Gu (’23) and Priya Rao (’22)