Proofreading Checklist

Fonts and Formatting

All font in Minion Pro

Art title and artist’s name  — Minion Pro Small Caps – Size 18pt
For 2 pg spread – always on right
1 pg spread –>
Listed in RIGHT corner on ODD pg #s
Listed in LEFT corner on EVEN pg #s

Title — Minion Pro Small Caps – Size 24pt
Text — 12-14pt (at your discretion. However, the maximum font size is 16)
Author’s name in italics, same size as the font for the poem (ex: ~ First Last)

Short Stories
Title — Minion Pro Small Caps – Size 24pt
Title byline – Minion pro – Size 14 pt
Text — 12-14pt (at your discretion. However, the maximum font size is 16)
Author — “by ____” normal lettering at 16-18pt
**Diamond (♦) after last word of short stories.

General Proofreading

  • Check that all text is correctly copied from the original docs
  • Check all spelling
    • Spelling of text
    • Spelling of names (check back to drive or hte summary document)
  • All Minion Pro + correct letter sizes
  •  Placement of artist’s names (2 pg spread on R; 1 pg spread –> R corner on odd pg #, L on even pg #)
    For poems, the author’s name is ~ italics
  • Make sure: “No errors” in bottom left corner
  • Check that ALL images ARE EMBEDDED (important)
    • Windows > links > right click on image > embed link
  • Page #s done correctly
    • Go to []
    • Click on []
    • The left page # will read “A”, the right page # will read “B”.
      • Delete these and insert the corret page #.
      • Left page #s are always even, right page #s are always odd.
      • Select the page # and chance the color if applicable.

Overall Issue

  • Table of Contents spelling of names and titles
  • Sponsors page correct
  •  Centerfold placed correctly
  • Special mention for each Creeley Poet – under their name on their page for their poem
  •  Volume # and issue # correct
  • Front and back covers