Fall/Winter 2020 Issue

“A Buddy to Lean On”
Emily Cai

how are you?

Ashley Liu


how are you?

how am i?
i don’t know
how am i?

i’m ok i guess
but not ok at the same time
i’m happy
and sad
and tired
and excited
and depressed
and, and…

i don’t know

i don’t know if i am allowed to say
“i’m uncomfortable”
or “i really don’t wanna be here”
or “i’m so happy”
or if i should just suck it up and shut it

what can i say?
how do i say something that
doesn’t offend you
doesn’t worry you
doesn’t make you question me and my thoughts
and doesn’t ignite any new emotions

so how am i?
“i’m fine,” i answer
so you can be too.