For the 2020-2021 fall semester, Window Seat meetings will all be conducted online over Zoom, so there will be no layout in the Mac Lab.

To get started, please come to the Mac Lab in Room 241 South and see any of the Editors for a submission matchup.

1) Obtain a match to layout, either by asking a staff member or signing up on the spreadsheet

2) Read through the poem/short story you are going to lay out, and preview the artwork you are matching with it

3) Go to abshares >> HSLiteraryMagazine folder. Open Poetry/Short Story Template in the under the correct Year and Season Layout folder

4) File >> Save As >> Title of the Piece of Writing, Author. ***IMPORTANT: If you don’t do this step, you will be editing the template. Also, the template can only be opened by one person at a time.***

5) Then place the image of the artwork – File >> Place or File >> Open and adjust the picture as necessary

6) If it needs to be resized, hold “command” and “shift”. Then, you can use change its side without distorting it.

7) Type in the title

8) Copy and paste the text of the piece of writing in the text box under it (also, paying attention to the size and type of font)

9) Check readability

10) Insert title of art in quotations and artist’s name (paying close attention to font sizes and type) in the bottom left or right hand corner (to interfere the least with seeing the whole artwork). If the artwork is untitled, writing the medium of art without quotations and artist’s name.

11) Proofread for spelling and grammar

TO SAVE: Under the “HSLiteraryMagazine” folder, go to (Year) >> Layouts SAVE

Please refer to previous issues of Window Seat for reference! They can be extremely helpful:)

If you’re having trouble, check our troubleshooting page.