This page is for magazine members to reference during layout week. Here, learn the general structure of laying out a piece for the magazine, find reference standards for font style and size, and, before sending the magazine to the printers, make sure we have completed the proofleading checklist.

Layout Software

We decided to put together some resources for you to get to know Adobe InDesign a little better, because it may seem complicated to use at first.

Here’s a link to a tutorial on basic use of the program: but our Webmasters can provide assistance to those in need at the lab.

Important Notes:

While working, be sure to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE in order to keep the work you complete!

Also, while using our template system, NOTE: You must exit out of the templates as soon as you have finished using them, otherwise other people will not be able to access the templates.

And above all, please refer to previous issues of Window Seat for reference! They can be extremely helpful:)