Join Us

Come to a club meeting! Club Meetings take place on Thursdays after school from 2:30-3:30 in Mr. Mishrikey’s room, 238 South. It’s near the library. We understand the life of an AB student is hectic so feel free to come any time in the year your schedule permits (a.k.a we love newcomers).

Generally we start each meeting with a writing-related icebreaker (don’t roll your eyes, it’s fun) and then focus on a theme or writing style. We first learn about it, then write about it, and at the end we share what we’ve written. Pretty simple, right? Interspersed throughout the year are a few multi-part meetings, workshops, and special events. Those are fun, too.

I forgot to mention- there’s tea. And usually animal crackers.

The photograph above is by Corinne Greene