Fall/Winter 2020 Issue

Jessica Zhang


Julia Kuang 


The cruel sun stared down mockingly,
my head slick with sweat
as we toiled through the barren fields.
Not a trace of green glory remains;
remnants of what was once my life
lie buried.
Here, it seemed as if I had lost track of time,
lost my sense of purpose.

Rain soon fell,
striking the ground like a heavy whip,
the skies releasing what was pent up inside.
It was deafening,
I couldn’t even hear the sound of my own sorrow.

The bodies stared back at me
silent and small.
But now,
they have
nothing at all.
I buried them myself.
With them was
that gut-wrenching feeling:
I did not belong in this world
without them.
The feelings that were
came pouring out
like thundering rain.
Why am I
still here?
I want to be
with them again.
To be free of
buried not in my
own sorrow,
but in the

The noose
strung over;
alluring as a limp flower
hanging onto
its final moments of glory.
The sweet satisfaction:
the release of that suffocating feeling.
I would finally be reunited.
Rope embraced me,
euphoric and
finally reaching
the perfect