Media Monster

by Dana Dykiel

_Media Monster_ by Dana Dykiel


Red Line

by Sayoni Barari


A woman leans against a tall bony man

The kind of guy you’d see everywhere here

Button up and black jeans

She’s beautiful though

Wearing a black dress with a wide brim hat

A pleasant red bow across her neck

The lab sits quiet along her feet

She cranes her neck and looks across the ash-colored Cambridge buildings


She’s lived in the city her whole life

Knows red bricks lining undrivable streets

A breath of city air, liberating country lungs

A sip of cold coffee

On green grass, in a blistering city

Reveling in its power before an icy fall


The train car rattles

My skull bounces hard against the glass

And if I push my head hard enough against it

I’d melt


In my dreams

She has long black hair, and dark brown eyes

She walks her sandy dog along the side of the river

Watching the waves ebb and flow

Thinking about being in love

Photograph by David Tsitrin

_Untitled_ (Kraken) by Yuying Fan

The Kraken

by Joshua Pak

They call me every synonym of malicious.

In truth, I only want to make friends.

Yet my success has been anything but auspicious,

Indeed I have been slain in every way:

Medusa’s head, a pegacorn’s grace, some pirate’s lead.

I’ve always extended a hug in camaraderie,

However receive blows and hurt instead.

When I squeeze back in small retribution,

They say they are the ones that bled.

Look at everyone else around me.

It’s not like I’m similar to the Wyrm,

Who doesn’t take his allergy meds.

Or the beautiful Gumiho,

That rips gentle hearts to shreds.

I’m actually nice to those at sea.

Pushing them to their destinations,

And even giving them much needed lee.

I guess I’ll always be misunderstood.

People fear me too much to stop and listen,

Even if I try to do good.



by Meera Singh


Silver and Gold

by Srija Nagireddy


In History, we learned that monks used to illuminate

Their manuscripts.

How aging hands lovingly embellished the words

Of their hearts.


You now laugh and say that you are getting old,

And show me the crest of white upon your head,

How it fades into an ebony that deft fingers

Twist every morning.


You only shine when no one looks,

And I watch from behind the kitchen door,

Because there is something holy about the way your

Ordinary smile disappears, and I can only see faith.


Faith in the world and Religion

That changes with every breath I take and flows through

Sacred books and whispered words, and reluctant wishes,

With you as the only constant.


And you act so much like a child, with inside jokes and

Fanciful whims, that I sometimes wonder if you are trying

To keep us young. Out of reach of pained smiles and

Remnants of corrupted memories.


You are forever illuminating your manuscript,

And behind eyes that never shed tears, and laughs

That ring in my ears every night, I see you painting the story

Of your heart in silver and gold.


Monet’s Dream

by Isa Larco

Monet's Dream


by Corinne Greene


Long scraggly fingers once adorned with leaves

(they now lie scattered on the floor)

look sad, and lonely, and naked.


Follow their lines,

down to their drooping ends

where leaves still cling, green, alive and glossy

unaware of their future on the floor.


Why did you make me this way?

Is this what you call caring?

Your worry was so great, you smothered me until I overflowed.

You left me no room to grow.


Sky Lines

by Kylie Marden

The World Is Theirs

by Elizabeth Atherton


The world is theirs

They feel it now

As the city obeys tradition.

Traffic moves.

Lights change.

The movement of people,

Each so insignificant


They feel the sun on their face,

And the weight of gravity pulling



But high,

High above the monotony

Their hands clutch a mug,

A heavy jumper reassures them,

Holds tight in a warm embrace

As they see the sky lighten


They cannot yet understand the rules

Separate the clarity of melody in the starting day

From the contrasting harmony,

The deep thrum of the daily rhythm.


But as the night ends,

They know


The world is theirs for the taking


Like a Bird, I Rise

by Nala Wu

"Like a Bird, I Rise"


by Jeremy Doiron


You’ll never know,

And nor will I,

If ever we could have been


Than just friends.

But just friends we’ll stay,

And good friends we’ll be;

Because I could never ask.


So we laugh and we joke,

We smile and we tease,

I look forward to seeing you

Every day.


Never will I call you mine,

Nor you me yours;

Though I will always be.


And I never know quite what to say to you,

Aloof behind your perfect walls.

Always I come to the point of saying, to revealing…


But then time’s up.

The chance over and

Done. And another day I wait,

Only to await the next,




by Daisy Yin

12.23.16 by Daisy Yin

Waking the Dancer

by Isabelle Duval


I fling and fumble

A puppet on strings

Coiling deep in my stomach

Twisting and tugging my heart down

With every fall


A wooden Pinocchio

I teeter and totter

Waiting for a fairy

To give me wings


The gears turn

And steam jets from my ears

As the machine

grinds to life


This tin man

Doesn’t need to oil

To stomach all

The work and toil


I open the floodgates

And fresh blood outpours

Coursing through once

Barren veins


A flower blossoms

The vines wither and crumble

A rumble crescendos

From deep in the core


Every finger

My hammering heart

I reign it in

I set my jaw


I thrust

And run

And jump

And Spin


I build myself a rocky core

Impervious to force

And with every leap

The ceiling seems less far


With every arabesque I bend

I arc and change my shape

I flit and float

Defy the floor


As I learn

I have to earn

Now I can dance