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Information About the Business/Finance Position

Window Seat is looking for a Business/Fundraising Director for the 2018-2019 school year.

Come be an essential part of AB’s literary and art magazine! The Business/Fundraising Director manages the club’s finances and leads efforts to raise money that is used to publish the magazine and support the club. This involves things like applying for grants, soliciting donations from local businesses, organizing bake or handicraft sales, or whatever else you can think of to drum up support for the magazine. This position is a great opportunity to gain experience in grant-writing, fundraising, financial responsibility, and business savvy.

Please see below for the official description:

Business/Fundraising Director

  • Raises money to fund the magazine
  • Mails published magazines to sponsors
    • Contacts parents and local businesses for donations
  • Organizes and directs fundraisers (e.g. Bake/Handicraft sales)
  • Organizes members to solicit local businesses
  • Keeps track of donors, receipts, account balance, etc.
  • Assists with Window Seat layout twice a year

Instructions to Apply for the Business/Finance Position

Please email Ms. Lawson ( or Mrs. Secino ( about your interest by the end of the school day Wednesday, April 11th. You will also need to fill out an application form:

WS Officer Application 2018-19

Information About Other Positions

Interested in becoming a Window Seat officer next year? Officers have the responsibility of running the club and magazine. They are also required to attend all two layouts. Each layout is one week, Monday-Friday in the Mac lab, from 2:30-4:30. Sometimes they are slightly longer than one week. There are numerous positions and skills open based on your strengths (descriptions below).

Anyone is welcome to apply to become an officer, even if they are not currently part of the club. Current officers must re-apply for their positions, or apply for new positions. You may also apply for multiple positions.

Instructions to Apply

  • Print and fill out an application form, or fill it out on the computer. The form should be handed in to Mrs. Secino in the library. You can also email her the form at
  • Complete an in-person interview with club advisers and senior members of Window Seat. We will email you to choose an interview slot after you submit your application.
  • If you are selected as an officer, you must attend all or most of the Spring/Summer Layout to familiarize yourself with the magazine.

Applications due

Wednesday, March 15th (extended due to snow days)


Monday, March 19th

Officer Position Descriptions

WS Officer Descriptions 2018-19

Application Form

WS Officer Application 2018-19