Fall/Winter 2020 Issue


Ishy Tendo


Wake up at six
Thinking how to please your family
Boarding the bus
Worried you are going to fail
Entering school
Feeling even more scared

Then a glimmer of hope shines upon you
You pass the test
You really do
Overfilled with joy
You run to mum

Mum mum
I passed the test
Mum claps
Mum gives you allowance
This makes you work harder
For more allowance

Next test comes
You fail
Allowance is gone
At least you think it is
Until mum increases it
You wonder why she did so
You don’t deserve it
You failed the test

But mum says failure is a mother to success
You are so happy 
You have someone who believes in you
No anxiety no nothing
Just happiness
Someone is always rooting for you
Be happy, don’t be afraid


Riya Shah