Media Monster

by Dana Dykiel

_Media Monster_ by Dana Dykiel


Red Line

by Sayoni Barari


A woman leans against a tall bony man

The kind of guy you’d see everywhere here

Button up and black jeans

She’s beautiful though

Wearing a black dress with a wide brim hat

A pleasant red bow across her neck

The lab sits quiet along her feet

She cranes her neck and looks across the ash-colored Cambridge buildings


She’s lived in the city her whole life

Knows red bricks lining undrivable streets

A breath of city air, liberating country lungs

A sip of cold coffee

On green grass, in a blistering city

Reveling in its power before an icy fall


The train car rattles

My skull bounces hard against the glass

And if I push my head hard enough against it

I’d melt


In my dreams

She has long black hair, and dark brown eyes

She walks her sandy dog along the side of the river

Watching the waves ebb and flow

Thinking about being in love

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