“Resurrection” by Sarika Chawla; painting by Mira Mulgund


You used to skip across fields of clover

as the summer sun twinkled down on

your smiling face

and mynah birds chirped all around


You used to lay on beds of

intertwining blades of grass

that glistened with dewdrops

and look up at the sky


Blue reflected in your sparkling eyes

which fluttered closed

as the milky white clouds formed a down blanket upon you


But soon the grass started to wither


Your woven beds started to unravel

replaced with stiff threads of hospital beds

The clouds began to suffocate you

and smother the sun

as the blue turned to gray

The trees burned as they shed their leaves

as Mother Nature drained them of life

and slowly began to eat away at you too


Time went by

and your grass bed became no more than bits of straw lying here and there


Gray turned to black


The clouds became angry

The trees lost their leaves for good

The sun almost disappeared

holding on for dear life

trying to shine between the clouds


You had nearly slipped away


But when the blessed spring came

the blue started to reappear

The trees were reborn

The sun returned

The clouds softened their temper

but cried tears of sorrow

tears of rage

anger at what they had done in the winter


And as a new grass bed began to weave itself once again

the rains washed away all signs of your old one

unable to hold itself together any longer


They washed away every last sign of you too


But just like the sun returns each year

and resurrects the trees and the sky

I see your smiling eyes in the rays of light shining through the clouds

every summer

And every summer

I hear your laugh in the mynah’s song

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